Electronic Data Interchange

About EDI

Get rid of unnecessary data entry!  Our software, B2BLink,  is a robust framework for fast, flexible, low risk EDI enablement.  Our services include:  Consultancy, End-to-End Solutions, B2B product, Adapter development, Customisation, Installation and Support.

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For organisations in both the private and public sectors, establishing a communication infrastructure that allows immediate online exchange of Business to Business-critical messages and files can provide a significant competitive and operational advantage.

While the need for online communication may be universal, how it is implemented varies both by industry and by application. Intuitive Systems offers many solutions that make it possible for small and medium business to capitalize on the many benefits of online communications. We tailer EDI to fit your business.

What do you use EDI for?

– Automatic ordering from suppliers
– Elimination of manual data re-entry
– Replication of data between sites
– Inter-branch communication
– Performing scripted tasks on receipt of data
– Critical data backups
– Email forwarding
– Data format conversion
– Receive and print orders/invoices automatically (with expansion process)

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